Suresh Venkat


Secrets to Communicating Competence


If you’re wondering why people don’t listen to you what you’re saying, it’s probably because they’re ‘listening’ to things other than your words.

We speak all the time. Sometimes we’re effective, sometimes we’re not. Spoken communication is the at the heart of the modern enterprise. And speaking well is a skill, like any other. Which means it can be learnt. There are rules, principles and secrets that define what effective communication is.

This course – divided into 3 short and intensive modules, will help you learn the basics of how to say what you want to say, in a manner that brings about the results that you want: from being heard to articulating decisions, presenting to stakeholders effectively, pitching or creating buy-ins.

The course will help you identify your speech patterns, help you sharpen your message and help you listen better. Each module will be conducted in the learning-by-doing format using a little bit of theory and plenty of exercises.

3 intensive, interlinked modules:

  1. Basic – 2 weeks long, weekends or after office hours
  2. Intermediate – on graduating from Basic. 2 weeks long, weekends or after office hours
  3. Advanced – on graduating from Basic and Intermediate. 2 weeks long, weekends or after office hours

Signup and pay for only 1 module at a time. Each of these are small exclusive batches of 4 students only. They pack in a lot of practice, and have highly individualised feedback and support

First cohort starts Nov 7

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The Course Modules

All students sign up only with module 1 and based on mastery and interest, keep moving ot the next module.

Basic – Cleaning Up your Act

2 Weeks. In this level you will learn how to set yourself up for clear and effective communication. You will learn to understand how others perceive you through your speech and body language. You will also learn how to project yourself in the way that you want to be seen and perceived.

Intermediate – Art of the Pitch

2 Weeks. We’re constantly pitching something or the other throughout our personal lives. It could be a pitch for a new job, a pay raise, approval for a new project, a new idea, a new way of doing things. In this level of training you will learn the art of pitching effectively. You’ll learn how to get people topay attention to your pitch

Advanced – Tricks of the Trade

2 Weeks. In this level you will learn how avoid “Death by Powerpoint”, how to answer questions effectively, how to moderate a discussion effectively and how to interview somebody. You’ll also learn how to use humour effectively. (Yes, there are rules for using humour too)

About Suresh

Suresh is an editorial consultant, anchor and actor.

Suresh Venkat is a seasoned media professional with over 20 years of experience in lifestyle and business media. Previously, Suresh has worked with CNBC TV18, Star TV and Titan Watches. He is currently part of the ensemble cast of the theatre productions of Twelve Angry Jurors and A Few Good Men.

Suresh is an alumnus of the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad