Shirish Andhare




How do you ship magic if you are not Steve Jobs? Get under the hood of the Product practices of leading tech companies that have shipped global high impact products at scale.

You will learn how to start with users first, develop a deep understanding of their problems and obsess over solving them using the tools of structured and principled thinking, strategy, and vision – while keeping an eye on the business. While juggling with priorities like a pro.

About Shirish

Shirish is a big believer in creating a magical experience by marrying empathy with tech and strategy

Shirish heads Product for Twitter India where his team focuses on experiences and participation for India and other emerging markets. He formerly led Product for Uber in India where his teams were instrumental in building and launching key products like Uber Lite and Uber Bus across India, Latam and the Middle East; igniting opportunity through mobility. With experiences spanning the Bay Area and Bangalore and the “tech” sheep in a family seeped in Art and Art History, Shirish loves bringing cultural and cross functional sensibilities into his products.

He is a CS geek with a Bachelors and Masters in Computer Sciences and an MS in Management Sciences from Stanford University.