Param Venkatraman



the masterclass

Reflect, learn and identify the triggers and blind spots that made you who you are. And how you’d like to design your self to excel and be mindful, in your work and life.

This masterclass will help you ask and answer incisive questions about what makes you who you are as a designer, and as a person. This will include enquiring into your relationships – with your self, with authority, with money, with failure & success. You will learn how you could deconstruct and reconstruct what it takes to bring your best self to work and to your life.

About param

Param is Chief Design Officer at where he leads a global design team, working at the intersection of AI, Engineering, Behavioral Science & Design.

Over the last 24 years, Param has been in design and innovation leadership roles across companies like IDEO, Dr. Reddy’s, Kantar, GE Healthcare and Sapient Corporation. He began his career in Interaction design, transitioned into design research & strategy, and for over a decade, has been instrumental in setting up and establishing strategic design capabilities and culture in several organizations.

Prior to Fractal, Param set up and led Studio 5B, a design thinking & innovation Centre, at Dr Reddy’s, a leading pharmaceutical company. Studio 5B pioneered several opportunities and ideas in the healthcare landscape in the US, India, Russia, and Colombia – from digital health solutions for smoking cessation, to packaging to help in medication adherence, to service innovation for breast cancer patients & caregivers. Some of this transformation journey has been featured in a case study in IDEO U’s course on Designing for Change.

Param is passionate about mindfulness and the ‘art of stillness’. At the end of each year, he publishes a toolkit for applying Mindfulness and Design Thinking principles for personal reflections on the year went past, and to create a vision for the year ahead.