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From Adobe and Atlassian to Zomato via Google, Microsoft, Flipkart, Gojek, early stage startups, boutique agencies and studios - over 500 companies have attended DesignUp events and over 30 companies have supported and sponsored us.

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Past DesignUp Conference editions have been supported by
Some of the many inspiring people who have shared their learnings at DesignUp

DesignUp Alumni

Don Norman

NNG / ucla, san diego, USA

Ravi Naidoo

design indaba
Cape town, SA

Pablo Stanley

designer, illustrator,

Daniel Burka

resolve to save lives
london, uk

Payal Arora

erasmus univ

Stefan Sagmeister

designer at large

Julie Zhuo

sundial, SF, USA

Jürgen Spangl

CDo, atlassian
sydney, australia

Ranga Krishnamani

liquid ink
bangalore, india

Andy Budd

formerly clearleft
brighton, uk

Surya Vanka

authentic design
seattle, usa

Jamie Myrold

adobe/ apple

Naresh Venkatraman

architect, activist
bangalore, india

Yuko Shimizu


Sidu Ponappa

tech leader, gojek

Jan Chipchase

tokyo, japan

Srinath Rangamani

design head, swiggy
bangalore, india

Karin Fong

imaginary forces,
los angeles, usa

Devi Lockwood

ideas editor,
rest of the world, NYC

Eric Snowden

design vp, adobe

Alexander Shillman

behavioral scientist
tel aviv, israel

Eric Quint

former cdo, 3M

Farid Ahsan

founder, sharechat
bangalore, india

Jon Kolko

modernist studio
austin, texas

Sarita Thomas

community radio
dehradun, india

What’s DesignUp? Community, conversation and celebration...

DesignUp is an open, inclusive and ongoing conversation around the theory & practice of Design-in-Tech encompassing UX, Product, Data. DesignUp celebrates Design at the intersection of Tech and Business. DesignUp is SE Asia’s largest community-led and volunteer-driven Design-In-tech event
Past DesignUp Conference editions have been supported by