Secrets to Communicating Competence

If you’re wondering why people don’t listen to you what you’re saying, it’s probably because they’re ‘listening’ to things other than your words. Master the secrets of communicating competence with a seasoned media professional – a TV presenter, moderator, theatre and film actor – Suresh Venkat.

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What you will learn…

  • the elements of communication including body language, words, eye contact
  • becoming aware of how your communication is perceived
  • how to master these elements to communicate for greater impact
  • practical tools, exercise and routines to shape your presentation style

This course is a right fit for you, if…

  • your work requires you to present to stakeholders, students or an audience
  • you’re looking to communicate your ideas, work or decisions
  • you feel that clear communication may be a blocker in your work/career
  • you want to present with confidence, from boardrooms to events
  • you’re a working professional – this course isn’t just for designers

The Fabulous Five

  • each module is very hands-on – max of 5 students per cohort, for highly individualised attention and plenty of practice
  • expect lots of presentations, recording and replays, critiques as well as writing
  • all of this is aimed at making the learning applicable in your context, quickly

The Course Modules

Cleaning up your Act

In this module you will learn how to set yourself up for clear and effective communication. You will learn to understand how others perceive you through your speech and body language. You will also learn how to project yourself in the way that you want to be seen and perceived.

  • Each module is 2 weeks long
  • Each module has 2 cohorts, join any one as per your schedule
  • Each cohort is a max of 5 students – for highly individualised attention
  • Time commitment for each module is approx 7-9 hours/week
  • Pay for only 1 module and move to the next based on mastery and interest
  • Module 1 – Cohort 1 starts on 14 Nov and is on Mon, Wed and Fri – 8.00 to 9.30 pm IST
  • Module 1 – Cohort 2 starts on 15 Nov and is on Tues, Thu and Sat – 8.00 to 9.30 pm IST

Module 1 (2 weeks)


Module 1

₹29,900 + GST

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monthly instalments

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₹26,910 +GST

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Advanced Modules

All students sign up only with Module 1. Based on mastery and interest, keep moving to the next module. Upon graduating from Module 1, students have the option to enroll for the next modules. Students will only pay for Module 1 now.

The Art of the Pitch

We’re constantly pitching something or the other throughout our personal lives. It could be a pitch for a new job, a pay raise, approval for a new project, a new idea, a new way of doing things. In this level of training you will learn the art of pitching effectively. You’ll learn how to get people to pay attention to your pitch.

Module 2 (2 weeks)


Tricks of the trade

In this level you will learn how avoid “Death by Powerpoint”, how to answer questions effectively, how to moderate a discussion effectively and how to interview somebody. You’ll also learn how to use humour effectively (yes, there are rules for using humour too).

Module 3 (2 weeks)


Designed for Impact

From Team presentations, to Boardrooms and Conferences – this complete course is designed to help you become aware of, and master the elements of communication. To equip you with tools, exercises and ethods for every situation. For impact, clarity, coherence and resonance.

Designed by an accomplished professional –
a media professional who has hosted the who’s-who of industry, tech, business and sports on TV or conferences. And acted alongside some of the biggest film and theatre stars in India. This is specially designed for practical use

your teacher

Suresh Venkat

Suresh is an editorial consultant, anchor, and actor.

Suresh Venkat is a seasoned media professional with over 20 years of experience in lifestyle and business media. Previously, Suresh has worked with CNBC TV18, Star TV and Titan Watches. He is currently part of the ensemble cast of the theatre productions of Twelve Angry Jurors and A Few Good Men. Suresh has also been a host, interviewer and MC for multiple DesignUp Conferences.

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What’s the time commitment per week, on the average?
Expect between 20-24 hours of commitment over 2 weeks (varies week to week). Yes, this is short but intensive. However your assignment time, esp for group assignments may spill over.

Will there be a lot of assignments?
Expect to create and give lots of presentations, be recorded and review these. There may be some pre-reads, curated list of articles to read or videos to watch. And even group projects. Most assignments will require quick turnarounds

What happens if I can’t attend a class?
Classes are recorded and available to watch later, for all enrolled students.

Does this program come with any job guarantee?
This course is for working professionals, we do not offer any jobs or job guarantees

What’s the application and selection process like?
We offer very limited seats and therefore go through a application and selection process. We are looking for working professionals ideally. The application process is to identify a cohort which will be diverse (background, experience, geos, gender etc) and allow for learning within the group.

When do I pay for the course? What’s the waitlist?
You pay only when you’re shortlisted for the cohort. The shortlisted candidates have a limited window within which to pay – and in that time frame, it’s entry to the course is on first-come-first basis. If all places are filled – we move you to the waitlist.

Do you have a money back polic?
Sorry, for this course we do not offer a money back policy

What if I need to drop off a course mid way?
We understand a mid way drop off may be a difficult decision for you. We’ll try our best to help you with a readmission, part adjustment of your fees for a future cohort. This will depend on the unique circumstances of your case.