Anshumani Ruddra




Make better decisions – at work, for your users and for your career. Imbibe various frameworks and become aware of human biases. Learn to create a real impact at work with a product leader from Google.

At its core, building a successful product and a successful career boils down to making a series of good decisions. But what is the anatomy of a good decision? How does one create a toolkit for making better decisions? This unique course will help you master decision-making.

About Anshumani

Anshumani believes magic happens at the seams and intersection of fields

Anshumani has spent the last 17 years crafting experiences and products for users: first as an author of children’s books, then as a game designer on some of the world’s largest social games (Mafia Wars, Cafe World, etc) and then as a product manager across various consumer tech businesses (gaming, messaging, healthcare, education, media and fintech) in India and globally.

He genuinely believes that magic happens at the intersection of things (tech, storytelling, media, pop-culture, human behaviour) and thrives on the insights he gathers and the experiences he builds at these intersections.