Alysha Naples




This unique module will help you to direct your own growth — as a professional, as a designer, and as a human. You will gain an understanding of the ways in which we inhibit our own growth and progress.

You will learn about and utilize simple coaching techniques to evolve your behaviours from reaction to response. You will learn how to utilize curiosity, compassion, and care to create next-level empathy for customers, clients, and coworkers alike.

About Alysha

Alysha Naples has spent a lot of time in the future

Simultaneously pushing the frontiers of design within emerging tech while forging the path to adoption within industry and education. Her core philosophy is that products are a reflection of the cultures in which they were created, and that transformative products require an investment in building and nurturing authentic and diverse work cultures. She is at her best when solving problems, building teams and culture, sharing vision, and helping others to understand their own gifts.

Alysha is the Chief Experience Officer at Tin Drum, a company producing performance-based mixed reality experiences. In this role, she works with artists, actors, and musicians to define the future of performance in mixed reality. She believes that the upcoming paradigm shift away from screen-based interactions will provide an opportunity to reassess the role of computing in our lives.